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    For University Admission Officers

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    fun88.com乐天堂  Established in 1914, Capital Normal University High School was affirmed in 2002 as one of the first model high schools in Beijing. In 2007, it was included as a member school of the Advanced Collective of National Education Systems. In 2008, the AP program at Capital Normal University High School was the first program established in Beijing government-sponsored high schools.

    The Curriculum Partnership Program is one of only 16 Chinese-Foreign cooperative education programs approved by the Beijing Government. It is a joint Chinese-American program between the Capital Normal University High School in Beijing, China, and Germantown Academy. Learn More About GA...


    The Curriculum Partnership Program prepares Chinese students for admission to Bachelor’s degree programs in English-speaking countries, with the majority of graduates thus far attending competitive colleges and universities in the United States. Each student receives a diploma from the Capital Normal University High School, centered on the study of their cultural heritage and those courses required to satisfy Chinese national educational requirements.

    Each student also receives a certificate from Germantown Academy based on concurrent study of an Advanced Placement curriculum, with a strong emphasis on English language and literature. Students are required to take four courses taught in English per year, and must pass a minimum of four Advanced Placement courses during their three years in the program.

    We Prepare Students Not Just For College, But For Life!

    Thus far, the program has produced six graduating classes. Click HERE for More Information about the CPP Program.


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